ReGenerCell™ is a medical device that can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments to initiate and promote healing in chronic wounds.

ReGenerCell™ has been shown to be an effective treatment for chronic wounds of different aetiologies including Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU), Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU) and complex hard to heal wounds. ReGenerCell™ uses a small sample of the patients own skin to prepare a Regenerative Epithelial Suspension ™ – RES™, which has been shown to both initiate and promotes healing in unresponsive chronic wounds.1-6

RES™ contains the multiple skin cell phenotypes and normal wound healing factors that are necessary to restart the wound healing processes.1-6

The use of RES™ introduces disaggregated epithelial cells and the associated signalling across the surface of the wound, overcoming the usual limitations of the wound edge.

A ReGenerCell™ treatment can be performed in 30 minutes at the patient’s bed side and can be used with conventional treatments such as Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and skin grafts.

Advantages of ReGenerCell®

RES™ prepared using ReGenerCell™ offers a number of advantages in the treatment of unresponsive wounds which help to address problems on a personal and healthcare provision level.

Promotes healing in unresponsive wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and complex wounds:

  • RES™ introduces healthy multi-phenotype skin cells and wound healing factors directly to an unresponsive wound to restart and promote normal wound healing1-6
  • Significantly improves the healing rate and time to complete wound closure1

Improved Patient Quality of Life

  • A reduction in pain has been observed following the application of RES™1-3,5,7
  • These early changes in pain and exudate allow patients to resume their usual activities and regain their independence1,2,3,5,7
  • Wound healing and decreased wound recurrence improves quality of life1-7

Health Economic Benefits:

  • Reduction in exudate levels, reducing the need for dressing changes and nursing time7
  • Healing chronic wounds verses exorbitant long-term wound management represents significant cost savings5,8

Regenerative Epithelial Suspension – RES

The regenerative mechanism is within the suspension

Avita Medical’s range regenerative devices are used by clinicians to create RES – Regenerative Epithelial Suspension™. RES™ is an autologous suspension composed of the cells and wound-healing factors necessary to regenerate natural, healthy skin.

How RES works in Chronic Wounds:

The disaggregated skin cells in RES™ are in the “free edge” state and thereby introduce a cascade of signals that regulate and promote the sequence of healing.9 The absence of “neighbor” cells initiates the cascade of cell signals that brings about cell migration and proliferation to heal the wound.

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